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Baudelaire & Oslo Sinfonietta

Premiere:  MUNCH, Oslo, Norway. 16.03.2024

Oslo Sinfonietta

Susanna Wallumrød – vocals

Stina Stjern – cassette players and effects

Christian Eggen – conductor

Gard Gitlestad – lighting design

Ingar Hunskaar – sound design


Susanna's voice and music have captivated critics and audiences for 20 years, since her debut in 2004 with Susanna and the Magical Orchestra. She is known for having an exploratory expression; fearless and at times uncompromising on behalf of music. 

The poetry of the 'father of modernism' Charles Baudelaire from Les Fleurs du mal (1857) has fascinated her, and the result is poignant music. Susanna has since 2020 published a trilogy based on Baudelaire's poetry, and played the music both solo, duo and trio with Stina Stjern and French Delphine Dora. In 2023, she made her orchestral debut with the Broadcasting Orchestra, live and with a critically acclaimed album release. 

Now Susanna is taking the next step, in collaboration with the renowned Oslo Sinfonietta, led by conductor Christian Eggen. Jarle Storløkken and Jan Martin Smørdal have composed new arrangements of Susanna's music for her and the ensemble. With her is cassette magician Stina Stjern, who adds materiality and whimsy with her unique sound universe

The concert at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival will be an opportunity to hear catchy melodies and exquisite sounds, when Susanna sings poetry by Baudelaire in a new guise with the contemporary ensemble Oslo Sinfonietta. Thale Kvam Olsen has made giant textile panels and Gard Gitlestad
sets the lighting design for Susanna's Baudelaire universe with the Oslo Sinfonietta.

Music by Susanna Wallumrød and Stina Moltu. Text by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Anthony Mortimer / Alma Publishing. Arrangements composed by Jarle Storløkken and Jan Martin Smørdal. Thale Kvam Olsen has created the scenography.

Video and pictures by Helge Brekke and Hanne Rekdal

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