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Oslo Stumfilmfestival

September 2019

New music for silent films.


How is silent film music composed today?


Rolf-Erik Nystrøm's music for the filmatization of hell in "The Divine Comedy", L'Inferno (1911), was performed during the opening of the Oslo silent film festival at the Cinemateket in August.

NRK Spillerom visited us, check out what they said about the work >>

In Norwegian only

Teaser from Eivind Buene's Schubert Lounge

February 2018

Get a short preview of the newest collaboration between Eivind Buene and Oslo Sinfonietta! To be premiered in winter 2018/19

Oslo Sinfonietta, Christian Eggen (conductor, piano), Tora Augestad (mezzo-sopran), Halvor Festervoll Melien (baritone), Eivind Buene (vocals, piano)

New daily manager of Oslo Sinfonietta and Cikada

December 2017

Foreningen Oslo Sinfonietta og Cikada welcomes Sarah Ludwig-Simkin as it's new daily manager. Ludwig-Simkin has her background in musicology and European ethnology/cultural science from Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany). She has previously worked with the German contemporary music ensemble Ensemble Modern and, among others, Telemark Kammerorkester, POING, Kasseler Musiktage and Jazzinstitut Darmstadt. She is of German-English origin and has lived in Norway for the last years.

Ludwig-Simkin will take up the post on 1 January 2018, succeeding Maria Fonneløp, who is moving on to a position at the Munch Museum.

Oslo Sinfonietta has been granted funding from Arts Council Norway for the commissioning of a new work by Eivind Buene.

September 2017


Buene has already experimented with what happens when Schubert’s lieder meet a Fender Rhodes piano, but what happens when Schubert, Buene and Rhodes meet Oslo Sinfonietta?

We will all find out at the work’s world premiere in 2019. Stay posted!

"Bare en stillhet som kaster meg ut i universet av ensomhet" – Review

September 2017

The world premiere of “Bare en stillhet som kaster meg ut i universet av ensomhet” was reviewed on NRK’s Spillerom, Monday 18 September 2017.

Listen to Spillerom’s review here.

And sing... - New release!


Maja S.K. Ratkje: And sing ... Performed by CIKADA, Oslo Sinfonietta, Maja S.K. Ratkje(voice), and Christian Eggen(conductor)is released on 2L.


This album interleaves the composer's own voice as a performer with the ensemble sound of CIKADA and Oslo Sinfonietta. In "And sing while thou on pressed flowers dost sleep" the voice is pre-recorded, and the sound files are played through loudspeakers placed among the musicians. In Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb) the composer is performing live a solo part for amplified voice, using much wider dynamics and improvisation. While performing has influenced and inspired Maja S. K. Ratkje's composing, the opposite is also true – even though it's too simple to say that she improvises like a composer and composes like an improvising musician: "The process of composition is primarily about mastering form and contextualising elements – both the actual sounds and the formal units – musically," she says.


Immersive Audio is a sonic sculpture that you can literally move around and relate to spatially; surrounded by music you can move about in the aural space and choose angles, vantage points and positions. Dolby Atmos and the Auro-3D on this Pure Audio Blu-ray delivers a new standard in immersion, fully enveloping the audience in a cocoon of life-like audio.


Get your digital copy here

Lachenmann! concerts nominated to critics' award

Ole Albrekt Nedrelid August 2015



The Norwegian Critics' Association, Kritikerlaget, has nominated Oslo Sinfonietta and Christian Eggen to the critics' music award after the performance of the Lachenmann! concerts in Bergen and Oslo 9–10 June 2015. The announcement of the winner will take place 24 September in Oslo.


Read more about the award here (information in Norwegian only).

Recording Ratkje

Ole Albrekt Nedrelid April 2015



This spring the two ensembles Oslo Sinfonietta and Cikada are working on a joint recording, consisting of works by the acclaimed Norwegian composer Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje. While Cikada last February recorded the piece And Sing While Thou On Pressed Flowers Dost Sleep, Oslo Sinfonietta is now working on Concerto for Voice (moods IIIb) – including Ratkje herself as the voice soloist. The recording session is set for 18–19 April 2015 with an expected release during 2016. The whole project is conducted by Christian Eggen and recorded and released by the record label 2L.


Visit Maja S. K. Ratkje's website here.

Simon Steen-Andersen receives the Nordic Council Music Prize 2014

Anette Pauline Forsbakk 2014



We are very proud to announce that Simon Steen-Andersen receives the Nordic Council Music Prize for his work “Black Box Music”. The work will be released on DVD November 3rd, with Håkon Stene and Oslo Sinfonietta


“Black Box Music, by the innovative composer Simon Steen-Andersen (born 1976), is a unique and radically different work. Andersen plays, with great virtuosity, in the intersection between composition, installation art, electronica and performance. Black Box Music is a challenging piece of avant-garde music, quite unlike anything else, and yet embracing it requires no prior musical knowledge. It is unusual for a form of expression as personal as this to reach so many people. Andersen’s works are played by musicians and at festivals all over the world, from Shanghai to South America and Europe. Black Box Music is captivating – an uncontrollable blend of craziness, humour, charm and exuberant inventiveness. The piece also meets this year’s criteria for the Nordic Council Music Prize: it is a work of high artistic quality and original in its genre. It has a clear structure and form, and its third movement contains elements that emerge spontaneously in the performance moment.”

“Black Box Music” by the award-winning and highly innovate composer, Simon Steen-Andersen (born 1976), is a unique and radically different work. BBM was composed for solo percussion, an ‘amplified’ box, 15 instruments and video. On stage, the soloist has his hands buried in a black box with a built-in camera and various sound sources. From the box, he plays on everything from tuning forks to elastic bands and ventilators, while directing the 15 musicians with gigantic hands projected onto a screen behind him. BBM has a razor-sharp score, which combines – at one and the same time – unruly craziness; humour, playfulness and hardcore instrument noise. Simon Steen-Andersen has been awarded countless national and international prizes, most recently one of Denmark’s major honorary awards, the Carl Nielsen Prize, in 2013. His works, especially “Black Box Music”, are performed all over the world.


The Black Box

Anette Pauline Forsbakk 2014




It all started in the summer of 2012. Black Box Music by Simon Steen-Andersen has since gotten it’s own life, and has become one of the works we have played the most and love the most. And our audiences has loved it as well! The CD recording is in progress, and while we look forward to the release we’re super happy to have the chance to show the Amsterdammers this amazing performance.


We are proud to have with us the man with the hands in the box, our very own Håkon Stene and look forward to giving the audience a spectacular experience.


Come join us at Muziekgebouw aan´t IJ, in Amsterdam, Friday 28th of March at 20:30.


On the program:
Louis Andriessen Workers Union
Simon Steen-Andersen Black Box Music (Dutch premiere)

Call for Scores: Young Nordic Composers

Anette Pauline Forsbakk 2014



Oslo Sinfonietta and Oslo International Chamber Music Festival cooperates in presenting music by young Nordisc composers, in a concert that also includes a work of historic significance from the 20th century. Oslo Sinfonietta would like to invite composers studying or residing in one of the Nordic countries to send us scores. These will be judged by the artistic board of the Oslo Sinfonietta. Scores and other material must be at our office before the 25th of May 2014. We will choose 2 of the pieces received to be performed at a concert in Oslo on the 18th of August, 2014.



- Scores and other material must be in our office by the 25th of May.
- The composer should be under the age of 35, and either study or reside in one of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland or Iceland)


This year we’re in search of the following:
Chamber music, for 1-9 instruments. All combinations of instruments are accepted.

Parts for the pieces chosen for the concert shall be delivered by the 15th of June 2014.


The composers of the chosen pieces will be offered a read-through of the piece with mr. Christian Eggen before printing the parts.

Each composer may send up to 2 scores. You should enclose

- any existing recordings
- a list of former public performances (date, place, performers)
- name of the composer, age, email address, postal address and education


The material should be sent to:

Oslo Sinfonietta, c/o Sentralen, Pb 183 Sentrum, N-0102 OSLO, NORGE

The artistic board of the Oslo Sinfonietta has the right not to choose any of the pieces.

The artistic board of the Oslo Sinfonietta consists of artistic director Christian Eggen, Håkon Stene and Rolf Erik Nystrøm.


All questions should be directed to Oslo Sinfoniettas general manager Ludvig Claeson
Phone:+4790073029                                                          mail:

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