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Oslo Sinfonietta @ Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Kari Slaatsveen/Christian Eggen Ideen om 2018 (WP) Oslo Sinfonietta Den Norske Opera & Ballett, Scene 2 21 September, at 19.30 Ticket: 250 – 150 NOK (on sale from 28 May at Also performed on 22/9 at 19.30 Performed in Norwegian

I can imagine the sound of leather soles against linoleum, the first big raindrops on the lid of a postbox, the ticking whirr of a fishing reel, and the line singing across the surface of the water. I can imagine all this, but I cannot hear it.

What will 2018 look like from the perspective of 100 years into the future? What did humans use to listen to, and what did we think about what we heard? A slice of 2018 will be reconstructed in a special evening featuring a work performed by a 15-piece version of the Oslo Sinfonietta. Ideen om 2018 consists of texts written by Kari Slaatsveen plus music and sonic imagery composed by Christian Eggen.

I can imagine a chain hanging down from a crane, dashing against a container from China, a humming two-ton Tesla on the way to an important meeting, a driverless Uber climbing the pavement.

Kari Slaatsveen is a Norwegian radio personality and journalist who has worked for NRK since 1989. She has previously been involved with music related projects with KORK, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, and conductor Christian Eggen, and currently makes podcasts.

Founded in 1986, Oslo Sinfonietta is Norway’s longest running contemporary music ensemble. Christian Eggen has been artistic director of Oslo Sinfonietta since 1993. He has played a huge role in Norway’s contemporary music life as a conductor of ensembles such as KORK and the Sinfonietta, in jazz and improvised music, and as a composer.

In collaboration with DNO&B and Ultima. Produced by Oslo Sinfonietta.

photo: Erik Berg

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