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Lachenmann! // 09–10 Jun 2015

Tuesday 09 June, Bergen Kjøtt

Wednesday 10 June, Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo

'Composing means building a new instrument,' according to Lachenmann. Meet the composer in his own anniversary concerts in Bergen and Oslo.

The German Helmut Lachenmann (born 1935) is one of the greatest composers of our time. In 2015 his 80th birthday is being celebrated worldwide. When Oslo Sinfonietta paint his musical portrait at the Bergen International Festival, he will be on the stage himself. Using scraping sounds and mechanical noise emitting from the instruments alongside velvety tones from Romantic composers, Lachenmann creates a sound universe of unfamiliar beauty and tender sensuality. The composer is known for a wealth of detail and experimentation with new tone qualities in his music. As such he has become a father figure for several generations of composers in the wake of central European modernism. The conductor of the Oslo Sinfonietta, Christian Eggen, has collaborated with Lachenmann on several former occasions, and has a special relationship with his music, which makes enormous demands on the technical ability and artistic expression of the performers. The musicians must furthermore often play their instruments in completely new way. 'Beauty is no standardised category; beauty is overcoming standards,' claims Lachenmann. 'It's what I imagine the sound of heaven to be like.' – THEARTSDESK.COM

Oslo Sinfonietta Christian Eggen, conductor Helmut Lachenmann, piano, recitation

Karin Hellqvist, violin

HELMUT LACHENMANN (1935–) Mouvement (- vor der Erstarrung)für Ensemble Kinderspiel for piano solo 1. Hänschen klein 2. Wolken im eisigen Mondlicht 3a. Akiko 3b. Akiko 4. Falscher Chinese (ein wenig besoffen) 5. Filter-Schaukel 6. Glockenturm 7. Schattentanz Toccatina Studie für Violine allein "… zwei Gefühle …" Musik mit Leonardo für Sprecher und Ensemble

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